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Sponsoring Body:
The Sponsoring Body of the College is the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Mihngi. Its office is located in Mission Compound, Jowai.

Governing Body:

The Governing Body of the College is constituted by the Sponsoring Body for a term of three years and consists of the following members:

1) The Chairman to be nominated by the Sponsoring Body. 
2) The Principal of the College who shall be appointed by the Sponsoring Body, shall also be the Secretary of the Governing Body - Ex-Officio.
3) The Vice Principal of the college - Ex-Officio.
4) Three persons other than members of the Teaching Staff to be nominated by the K.J.P Synod at least one of whom shall be guardian and another shall be a lady.
5) Two Donors paying Rs. 1,00,000 (Rupees one lakh) or more to be nominated by the K.J.P Synod on rotation.
6) The Senior Executive Secretary of the K.J.P Synod - Ex-Officio.
7) The Executive Secretary in charge of Christian Education Department of the K.J.P Synod - Ex-Officio.
8) One Of the Principals of other Colleges under the North Eastern Hill University to be selected by the Governing Body on rotation
9) Two Members of the teaching staff to be selected by the Staff of the College on rotation.
10) Two persons (official or non-official) to be nominated by the State Government.
11) Two representatives of the North Eastern Hill University.

List of Present members of the Governing Body:

ChairmanRev. G. S.  Lytan
Principal & SecretaryDr. D. G. Lyngdoh
Sr. Ex Secy

Rev. K. Pariat

Ex. Secy

Rev. P. L. Pakma


1. Rev. M. Shylla

2. Elder. B. N. Lamare 

3. Elder. Dr. L. S. Gassah

4. Elder. J. W. Dkhar

5. Dr. P. Nongtdu

6. Elder. L. D. Lyngdoh

NEHU Representatives

1. Prof. N. M. Panda

2. Prof. R. Khongsdier

Vice PrincipalShri. W. E. H Lamin
Staff Representatives

Smt. R. M. Khonglah

Smt. A. Thma

College Sanction Post

Sanction Post as on Sept 2023