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The College Library which is located on the top floor of the college building is spread out over an area of 3594 sq. m, and has a spacious reading room. It started functioning in 1997 when the college was established and began with a modest collection of books, magazines and newspapers. The Library now has a collection of more than 9500 books, existing and bounded periodicals, a number of national journals and other online resources.


Circulation Section: Books keeping in this section are meant for circulated. Students are allowed to openly access and may independently browse through this section. Registered members of the Library are offered a range of services which includes registration, renewal, lending and reservation.

Periodical Section: This section contains current and bounded journals for referencing only.


Reference Section:This section contains books like encyclopedia, dictionaries, yearbooks and career guidance books. They are not meant to be issued but may be used for reference only.

Computer Section: The Library has a Computer Section where students are allowed to access to online resources as well as to others academic needs. In addition to this, the Library also has a Wi-Fi connection that students are allowed to access through their laptops and tabs.

Reprography:  A Xerox machine is also available in the Library.

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