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The department of Mathematics was established in 2021 along with other science streams.The Department received its affiliation to North Eastern Hills University(NEHU) in 2023.From its inception the primary objectives of the Department is to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students through the study of mathematics and to foster mathematical literacy and fluency among students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines 

*Cultivating mathematical curiosity and confidence. 

*To provide a nurturing and learner friendly environment where students of all background can cultivate their mathematical curiosity and development unwavering confidence in their abilities. 
*To empower our learner with necessary skills and mindset to tackle real world challenges and embrace mathematics as an essential tools for personal growth and lifelong success. 
*To foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the study of mathematics. 
*To promote mathematical literacy and fluency among students from all backgrounds and disciplines. 


Smt. Balarisha Lyngdoh

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics



Hampher Shylla 
Assistant Professor 


Shri. Kyrpang Dkhar.                               
Assistant Professor