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The Department of Physics was established in 2021 with a visionary goal of laying a strong foundation for excellence in fundamental physics and practical applications integrated into the curriculum. Affiliated with North-Eastern Hill University in 2023, the department aims to foster a vibrant academic environment that nurtures aspiring physicists, and promotes interdisciplinary collaborations. Moreover, embracing the principles of the New Education Policy (2020) and the FYUP, the Department's professors enthusiastically engaged in imparting knowledge to non-science students through captivating Multi-Disciplinary Courses (MDC). This interdisciplinary approach aimed to enrich the learning experience by fostering a broader understanding of scientific concepts and their relevance in various fields, encouraging students to develop critical thinking, adaptability, and a holistic perspective in their academic pursuits.


Shri. Dawroichuh Challam

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics



Dr. Bobbyland Lyngkhoi  
Assistant Professor 


Dr. Double M Siangshai                                  
Assistant Professor 

The department held a Parents’ meeting on the 15th of September, 2022 to make parents aware of their wards’ overall progression.


The Physics department took part in the cleaning drive of the science stream on the 18th of May, 2023


Laboratory facilities 
The basic purpose of laboratory experiments is to verify and validate the concepts, principles and hypothesis related to physical phenomena. Based on the curriculum the following field of experiments are conducted for the undergraduate students.  

* Properties of matter and waves 
* Thermal Physics  
* Optics 
* Electricity and Magnetism 
* Electronics 
* Atomic and Molecular Physics